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  1. Miniatures Scale 101
  2. Cover: Rolling for Cover
  3. Alternating Impulses: Drilling Down a Turn
  4. Interesting Comments from Mark Walker
  5. HexDraw Wargaming Hex Map Software
  6. Flying Cap
  7. Interview with Wargame Graphic Design Artist Ilya Kudriashov
  8. Research Research Research......
  9. Block wargames
  10. Hexes, Spaces, or Squares (by Mark H. Walker)
  11. Learning VASSAL Module Design
  12. How Maps were Made: World at War '84 (Winter 2019)
  13. Designing a Monster Map: Fulda Gap, World at War '84 (Winter 2019)
  14. Vixen
  15. Range Mechanics Redux
  16. Campaign hex map rules
  17. Assaulting with Modern (Vietnam and later...) Rifles
  18. Scale Reference: Tabletop Miniature Games vs Model Railroading
  19. Squad vs. Platoon Terrain Considerations
  20. Adding pinned and morale rules to Firepower for miniatures
  21. Opportunity vs Defensive Fire