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  1. Great Weathering Video
  2. Baking Soda Mud Technique
  3. Putting a Dent in a Model
  4. Model Building Health Guidelines
  5. Tank Encyclopedia Online Tank Museum
  6. Wings Palette Online Resource for Aviation Modellers
  7. Working With Sheet Styrene Video Tutorials.
  8. Weathering With Aquarelle Pencils
  9. Tip for Removing Chrome & Clear Parts from Sprue
  10. Tracks in mud or snow diorama trick
  11. Jar Lids for Figurine Dioramas and Vignettes
  12. Lazy Susan for Model Displaying
  13. Micro Set/Sol Solutions for Decals
  14. Future Acrylic for Canopies
  15. Daylight Bulbs for Building/Photgraphing
  16. Tissue for Wheel Wells
  17. @##$%!! bleeding paint !
  18. Bent Airbrush Needle Repair: Safety Glass Method
  19. Bent Airbrush Needle Repair Vid
  20. Stalemates, Stash Manager
  21. Looneng Art Ruling Pen for Panel Lines
  22. Dullcoat Alternative
  23. KDawgs Hairspray Technique
  24. Sprue & Parts Cleaning
  25. Tamiya Spray Paint