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  1. Air Warfare BFM (Basic Fighter Manoeuvres): the high yoyo
  2. Russian T-80U MBT vs. United States M1A2 MBT
  3. US Army Table of Organization and Equipment (1997)
  4. US Army Combined Arms Battalions (CAB)
  5. Maximizing the Lethality of Armored Forces
  6. Skirmishers
  7. Ken Burns
  8. Fortress island Ijmuiden Netherlands
  9. AD4N Skyraider, French Version
  10. Modern Armor Combat: Battlesight Range vs Maximum Range
  11. Armor In Battle Resource for Scenario Design (US Armor School, Ft Benning)
  12. German Thoughts or Japanese Forces
  13. Japanese viewpoint on German Forces
  14. Project Quarterback: US Army Thoughts on Reinventing Tank Warfare
  15. US Army Looks Into Fielding Cyborg Soldiers by 2050
  16. Turkey is getting military drones armed with machine guns
  17. USSR Tanks in the 1980s
  18. Ambush Tactics
  19. Introducing the Warrior Archetype