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11-27-2017, 12:07 AM
OK....let's just lay the cards on the table: How easy was it to learn Bolt Action?

I would definitely see that learning in a club setting would be the most advantageous approach, of course... but my question comes from the perspective of someone not afforded that luxury. So modify your answer to those who are in the boat of picking up that just-purchased book and nervously pauses at its' heft

My other problem with this is, I have the last edition...not the new one I believe just released not long ago? What impact is there....do you recommend the latest core book, and why?

01-14-2018, 10:11 PM
Frank answered this question wonderfully, at the old forum:

Frank: I started to answer this last night, I had just produced an epic sized post on how easy to learn BA is when there was a complete powercut, no power to the houses OR the streetlamps which are normally ok so it must have been fairly major, with the obvious effect of losing wifi
Learning BA is, compared to a lot of games quite simple. It is probably best to start small and get the hang of the mechanics first. One thing that can help is using an online army builder, there is one that I have tried a few times and is free and pretty good, even a Luddite like me can use it :rolleyes:


This will help you sort out a couple of small forces for a run through, I`d probably recommend an Lt and a couple of squads just to get the idea first. It gives you the point cost, the stats and any special rules that the unit has.

Learning in small chunks, like you are doing with ASL, will help. Get the hang of infantry first before going on the vehicles.

Things to remember are that you can move 6" and shoot, or, run 12". If you cross a linear obstacle, hedge/wall, then you can only advance (walk).

If you are shot at then any hits cause 1 pin, no matter how many hits or casualties are caused. If you want to activate a "pinned" unit you need to make a morale check for the unit (with a command bonus for an Lt if close enough) with -1 penalty for each pin marker, a successful check takes off 1 pin, or you can "rally" and take off d6 pins, +1 for passing the check. The only things that can cause multiple pins are HE.

If you want to use 15mm minis then that is no problem, either use the official measurements or just change inches for centimetres to keep it more in scale. There is nothing to stop you using multi based minis instead of singley based ones as long as you keep track of casualties.

Just give it a go, if you have any questions or queries then just post up and I will do my best to answer them.

Just one thing for anyone thinking of starting the game, there is almost certainly going to be a re-write coming out this year so you might want to think about how much you spend now, though you can pick up the basic rules quite cheaply on line and it does give you generic army listings for : US, UK, Russian and German.