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12-15-2017, 05:56 PM
As your seeing this I can confirm Emery that your email blast worked.

While I am not much of a wargamer (although I'd like to get into playing chess again), I am a model maker even if recently life has gotten in the way.
I was also one of military wargaming resident foodies with a running thread documenting my experiments with things such as noodle making, ducks tounges and I'm not sure if I posted about it also pigs brains.

I have other hobbies besides model making and food these include things such as reading, so I'm hoping the reading challenge returns next year, computing and fountain pens.

I have to say Emery I am liking the new setup and I hope I'll be able to make a somewhat meaningful addition to the new site

12-16-2017, 12:53 PM
So glad you made it, my friend!!! And thanks for signing up. Sorry it took so long to confirm your membership....I was on business travel this past week and had no access on my off hours.

Yes, the reading challenge is open but about to end in a couple weeks; but we will be having it again next year and forward! Also, I just created the Hobby Zone in the USO, for other hobbies, so I'm looking forward to seeing your culinary feats! Feel free to Copy/Paste the threads/posts from the old site while it's still up for a few more weeks (you can do that by highlighting the text and pics in an individual post - post by post in a thread - and copy; then paste it in a new threads' post here).

And WOW....another thing we have in common: Fountain pens, and pens in general, which is a personal fetish of mine! Watches are another one for me.

I am positive there are a few here (including me) that would love to take you on in a Chess game. As always, at each players' pace.

Enjoy, and see you around the forums!!!