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01-16-2018, 05:03 PM
There are 12 new scenarios in the rule book, 6 fairly standard ones and 6 attack/defend ones. My first 2 games have been standard ones, see First Thoughts thread, but I have now played 1 of the others and it really worked well.

I was defending an objective in the centre of the board with 1 infantry unit and another unit with no more armour than 7+. I had to pick a board edge to have my reserves come on from and the attacker was able to set up his first wave anywhere out of my deployment zone that was at least 18" from my units and they could only be given a run or advance order.Reserves were diced on, mine coming in in my deployment zone, the attackers anywhere again which made us both very careful as we could end up giving the enemy a free shot at our flanks. We had to finish on turn 6 as we were running out of time but the game was heading for a draw but the attackers definitely had more troops closer to the objective and, so I would say a moral victory.

The more I see of this new edition the more I like it.

01-16-2018, 05:04 PM
Just played the Double Envelopement scenario. An interesting one, you both start off with a 1 foot deployment zone, half your units on table and the rest coming on as reserves.

You score 1 point for destroying a unit, 2 points for being in the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game, and 3 for getting off the table through the enemy deployment zone. This raises the choice, do you keep a unit on the table for its firepower , or, do you go for the points.

The game ended up a 3-3 draw after I got my Puma off table on turn 6. I was really up against it for most of the game thanks to a very nasty Brit arti barrage that took out my mortar and put 3 pins each on my 1st Lt and veteran unit. I thought my 250/9 was going to do it for me but it got pinned about 6" from the table edge and failed 2 order checks, eventually being destroyed by an infantry assault.

Another good fun scenario.

01-16-2018, 05:05 PM
Just played scenario 11, one of the new attack/defend ones and it made for a hugely entertaining game. We decided beforehand who would attack and defend, I got to defend with my Gerries against the Brits.

I got to set up half of my units in a 1 foot radius circle in the centre, with up to halfof the attacking units coming on as a first wave. There was a preliminary bombardment then the game started with me being heavily pinned.

Reserves started coming on from turn 2, but from any table edge except the one that the last enemy unit came on from, so we both had to be really careful about where we came on.

You got points for destroying enemy units and I got completely thrashed, 8 - 1, partly due to forgetting the any edge part, partly some lousy dice rolling. :lol: Like my mg42, firing 6 shots needing 6`s to hit, getting 4 hits :o , then rolling 2 x 1`s and 2 x 2`s when I needed 4+ to kill.

Great game though. :D

01-16-2018, 05:06 PM
Played scenario 1 last night and that is another interesting one. It is a fairly standard, set up along opposite table edges, get points for killing units game but with the added extra that both sides get a preliminary bombardment on a 2+. I got lucky and avoided the barrage wile my opponent started with pretty much everything having 2 pins, and me dropping a mortar round straight on his Lt`s head first dice out of the bag did not help his cause. Me losing my Lt to an artillery barrage scatter second turn evened things up a bit :lol: .

The new, no pin penalty to rally attempts, really does help to get your force back to full effiency. Regulars taking a test on their morale of 9 is a lot better than having a - 1 or 2.