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03-16-2018, 09:44 PM
Memoir 44 is a game that lends itself well to house rules. Special units (like Tiger tanks) were done by house rules long before any "official" rules were written for them. The first file was done by Rasmussen (a teacher on the East coast), who also does great help sheets;

When I started doing my help charts on excel, I added my own house rule units (like rocket artillery). After there were "official" rules for everything from tank destroyers to patrol cars, I moved my HR units to this chart:

After a while, I decided to add more house rules and put them into a document with more explanation than the excel cells allowed and came up with this:

Once, while at a gaming convention, a friend said that he had the pleasure to meet Mr Borg. He said that Mr Borg said that he had wished that the airplanes in the air pack would have had a larger role, and that he would have had the ground units shoot back at the airplanes. While at a break, I sat down and wrote the first version of what became Rongammers's Air Rules (Rongammer is my "handle" on BGG). They have grown over the years from two pages and no pictures, to six pages with pictures. Thanks to some Polish players, they have also been translated to Polish and are available on BGG in English and Polish. Here is the latest English version;

If you play Memoir 44, you might try some of these house rules sometime!

03-17-2018, 05:56 PM
There we go! Excellent ....I agree this system is one of the best at lending itself to house rules, and ever increasing its playability