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12-04-2018, 03:59 PM
I had my first games of this on Monday and I loved it. It is a small scale tank skirmish game with players controlling 2 or 3 tanks each. You have a control sheet for each tank giving your status;
buttoned up/unbutoned
aimed/not aimed
loaded/not loaded.

A very simple game mechanism, each tank rolls for priority with the first one rolling 6 dice. with what you can actually do depending on what you roll, with Move,Aquire Target, Aim, Fire, Reload being on the rolls of 1 thriugh 5 with a 6 being a wild dice that can stand in for any of the others.

You can do any of these in any order and if you have enough of the right number you can do them more than once, for example you could move more than once, or, shoot then reload and then shoot again.

The turn sequence rally gives you the feel of a whole tank crew working together, you must first Aquire the target using the relevent dice, marking that on you control sheet. Then, if you have the correct dice you can Aim,again showing this on the control sheet, Fire is next if possible using a 2d6 roll with various modifiers.

Shooting is rolling the number of dice on your tanks attack characteristic with hits being on a 5+, 4+ or 3+ depending on the targets facing with the target rolling however many defence dice making saves on a 5+. Damage, if any, is dependant on how many unsaved hits there are.

Damage can result in being destroyed or losing control dice, either parmanantly or temporarily.

An Aquired target stays Aquired as long as it never goes out of sight though Aim is lost if either tank moves. It is worthwhile Aquireing and Aiming even if you can`t Fire this turn as depending on the targets dice it might not be able to move and, if you get priority next turn you can potentially just fire.

The game is another one from the Lardies, this is the first of their actuall games I have played though I have played in one of their campaign packs.


12-19-2018, 08:31 PM
This looks very intriguing! Do you own the rules, Frank? I see the rules are 72 pages long, which is a fairly large amount, but the description says they are not overly complex. I didn't see what scale it plays....15mm?

12-20-2018, 01:55 PM
I was just about to add another post so you have chipped in at just the right time:D

We have just had the last club night of the year this last Monday which is usually a very silly night when we just come down for a bit of fun and we did an 8 player game of this. A couple of the guys who were supposed to turn up could not and we had a couple of guys come down on spec, so, we had 3 who had played before and 5 who had not. We took 1 tank each with any destroyed ones coming back into the game the following battle turn. After the first couple of turns we all pretty much had a handle on the game and it flowed quite well.

We did get to use some special rules for different classes of vehicle like "fast" vehicles being able to swap any dice for a "move" dice and "tank destroyers" being able to change any dice for, I think, "aim" dice.

We had plenty of completely surreal, though hilarious for everybody else, such as when our Stug had a Sherman Aquired and Aimed but had no Fire dice, but he did have 3 Reloads. Next turn the Sherman went first but could only Aquire, the Stug rolling 3 more Reloads but no Fire dice. The next turn the Sherman was able to move which was unfortunate for the Stug as he rolled 2 Fires and 2 Reloads but no Aim so he could still do nothing.

My Marder spent 3 turns playing tag with a Sherman who had me pinned into a corner, neither of us able to get a solid hit in.

There does not seem to be any rules on what scale to use foe this, we used 1/56 Bolt Action tanks though you can quite easily go up or down in scale as long as it looks right for your scenery and table space. We used an 8` x 4` table which was ideal for 4 1/56 tanks per side. If we had gone for 2 tanks each then we would probably have gone for 15mm to avoid too much crowding.

You can download some of the bits like the tank dashboard at


12-20-2018, 08:54 PM
Haha....that sounds like an awesome time, actually! I'm a tad envious at the game clubs several members here have access to.

Those larger scale Bolt action tanks must be a blast (no pun intended) to see on the diorama.