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    The Last Few Yards in NEiS

    Gone over it a few times. As I read it it becomes a dice duel, trooper by trooper. No mods for outnumbering your opponent. I don't have the game experience

    madman 02-17-2020, 09:10 PM Go to last post

    What to Expect

    The above is the guiding premise of a planned series of campaign scenarios, starting with Scenario 1 found here. Our main character for the Soviet Union

    Whiterook 02-17-2020, 08:59 PM Go to last post

    World at War: The Cold War goes Hot!

    The year is 1985, and the The Cold War went Hot!

    The Soviet Union was caught between a rock and a hard place: Economic instability growing

    Whiterook 02-17-2020, 08:47 PM Go to last post

    Playtesting my Aw Frik rules

    Not my cup of tea but I am always willing to help out.

    My questions were to indicate where I think you should look at rewording the rules

    madman 02-17-2020, 07:34 PM Go to last post

    Playtesting my Aw Frik rules

    Wow, thanks for buying them! I didn't expect that since you said earlier that they're not for you.

    Of course they're locked down now, but

    josta59 02-17-2020, 07:18 PM Go to last post