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    Short List of Changes Quote

    Per designer Sean Druelinger, in 2015:
  2. Difference between NaW and WaW - Mark Walker

    A great quote form Mark Walker (designer) back in 2008:

    The crestlines in the Nations at War system are a wonderful graphical mechanic, as it truly eliminates confusion as to where the literal...
  3. Interesting Comparison Points, NaQ to WaW

    From Kozure, at BGG:

    One of the biggest advantage I think Nations at War has over World at War is the sub-HQ’s. As mentioned in the quote above, it essentially increases the range from HQ to...
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    Tiger’s in the Snow


    This is Lock ‘N Load Publishing’s, “Battle of the Bulge” expansion for the Nations at War series. It is currently under development, and has been for years actually, but they seem to be...
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    That’s a bummer... I’ve Ben there, both with a...

    That’s a bummer... I’ve Ben there, both with a bum computer, and rebuilding threads. I’d definitely like to see the scenario play out to conclusion, but don’t knock yourself out, brotha!

    On a...
  6. Moving in the Open: How to Survive Opportunity Fire

    This was seriously, one of the hardest concepts I had when learning both the Nations at War (WWII) and World at War (Modern warfare) systems: How do you get your units through open terrain towards...
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    It’s been a mild winter, snow-wise here in...

    It’s been a mild winter, snow-wise here in Massachusetts, of the Northeast United States, but dang cold! I don;t know if it’s because I’m not being exposed to as much cold snow and winter mix, but...
  8. I imagine you could use a converted backgammon...

    I imagine you could use a converted backgammon game case... or a gutted artist paint box to create a rather impressive 6mm miniatures travel system. Using something like foam exercise mats, cut down...
  9. #6 — White Star Rising: Stalin’s Triumph


    Was to be released 2013


    Nations a War: Stalin’s Triumph to my memory, was never Released. The company changed hands around...
  10. #5 — White Star Rising: Desert Heat


    Released 2013


    The Axis and Allied Armies struggle for control of North Africa, 1941 – 1943.
  11. #4 — White Star Rising: Airborne


    Expansion Zippie
    Released 2012


    White Star Rising: Airborne 2nd Edition
  12. #3 — White Star Rising Tournament Pack


    Expansion Pack
    Released 2012


    A pack of 4 scenarios for the Nations at War series, previously released only to those who participated in the WBC WSR tournament. Requires...
  13. #2 — White Star Rising: Operation Cobra


    Expansion Zippie
    Released 2012


    On July 25th, 1944 the American, British, Canadian, Free French and Polish Armies launched an offensive to eliminate the deadlock in the...
  14. #1 — White Star Rising


    Stand Alone Game
    Released 2010

    Still, my favorite platoon-level WWII game of all time! All scenarios are playable with WSR itself.

    White Star Rising introduced Lock ‘n Load...
  15. Nations at War Order/Dependancies (The Original Series)

    I believe I did this on one of the old sites, but it never made it to the new site(s), so I’ll try creating this from scratch, listing the Nations at War original series games from Lock ‘N Load...
  16. My WaW TOS Purchasing Mission: Filling In the Missing Links

    The interesting thing to come from the last couple months is, I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the original series (which I’ve affectionately dubbed, TOS). So much so, I’ve been on a hunting spree for the...
  17. So yes, it’s Winter now, hahaha. And no, it...

    So yes, it’s Winter now, hahaha. And no, it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned this whole approach idea. However, I haven’t been idle, either.

    I’ve not only gottten a great handle on the ”Eisenbach Gap...
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    What to Expect

    The above is the guiding premise of a planned series of campaign scenarios, starting with Scenario 1 found here. Our main character for the Soviet Union is Amored Company Commander, Kapitan Pytor...
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    World at War: The Cold War goes Hot!

    The year is 1985, and the The Cold War went Hot!

    The Soviet Union was caught between a rock and a hard place: Economic instability growing critical from decades of over spending to maintain...
  20. Turn 1, Formation Draw 1, American Team Yankee

    Housekeeping Phase: Remove Ops Complete Markers

    Command Check: All units in command.

    Rally Phase: None needed

    Operations Phase:

    — The Americans can still see the movement through the...
  21. Per the SSR, The Soviets get a free activation....

    Per the SSR, The Soviets get a free activation. There was no need for Housekeeping, Command Check, or Rally so we move right into...

    They used their Smoke fire mission and made a successful target...
  22. Welcome to the Designer's Club, and...

    Welcome to the Designer's Club, and congratulations! This is a milestone moment for you, and I am sure many more games are to come in the future! I applaud you for the persistence and tenacity you...
  23. Game 1, “Operation Molotov Cocktail” - World at War (TOS)

    This is my take on an Introductory scenario to the original series of World at War, by Lock ‘N Load Publishing. This will be played on the original Mark Walker version of the game, Eisenbach Gap...
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    Counter Making Tutorials

    Here are a couple real nice articles on counter assembly, mostly when you have Print ‘n Play games, or ones you design yourself. I have my own method, which I’ll pop up in a separate thread in the...
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    Sticky: Counterattack


    ***place holder***

    I’ll snap back pic later
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