To emboss bricks or cobblestones into foam, you can easily make tools from Artist paintbrushes! These can be picked up extremely cheap at craft and warehouse stores, or keep an eye out for them at flea markets and yard sales. Pluck out the bristles and shape the ferrules into the form desired with fine pointed pliers.

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Pick up some foamcore board. These can be bought at craft stores, usually for a dollar for a rather large sheet. Peel off the top paper sheathing layer of the board t reveal the foam beneath. A craft knife (with angled #11 blade) can help get the corner started, and then peel back with a metal ruler to help keep the slow, constant pressure.

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Using the empty ferrule, press down straight into the foam to indent the impression. You can then use your craft knigt to rough up bricks and cobblestones, and take chucks out for wear, age, or battle damage.

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The results can be stunning, depending on the time spent to detail and painting/weathering.

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