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    Wars of Insurgency meets Platoon Commander

    Just pondering the possibilities of a systems conversion between merging concepts of both games, into perhaps a playable alternative. Scott knows WoI very well; I know Platoon Commander.

    ADVISORY TO THE READER: This may go nowhere ....but it may be fun to try out some collaboration to see what develops, if anything. So I'll start things off and see if Scott is interested in playing along a little, with the understanding that any any actual play be setup on his physical game table to any scenario of his choice.

    Wars of Insurgency
    is a Squad-level wargame, whereas Platoon Leader is a Platoon-level wargame, so there is definitely a scale difference.

    So Scott: Let's start with Infantry. What I am wondering is, In WoI, I believe Movement is 8". If I recall correctly, you use 10mm miniatures. I'm not sure the rules ever state what recommendations are best for miniature size...when I peeked at the rules back a long time ago, it seemed to be a 28mm game...but I know many ruleset allow for multiple scale play.

    * As I've noted the action in your games, I've often thought to myself that these little guys are covering an enormous amount of ground in a dead sprint, to my eyes. Granted, that's just my opinion, and I have been known to be way wrong in the past

    The Infantry members can move 8", correct? To my perspective, in 10mm, that puts them at a dead run continually, if moving 8" lengths at a pop. Again, I could be totally off base here but, I am wondering if that leads to such massive carnage? If it takes more maneuver to get in kill range, that opens lots of *time* for other things to happen and shift battle progression and outcome; rather than forces flying headlong into one another and chewing each other to pieces. Not that this may be happening at all in your games....please correct me if that is not so.

    I remember about a decade ago (), MAGNA talking about Flames of War vs. Battlefront: WWII, where he made the posit that FoW in comparison is a bloody smack your ass game. That always stuck with me, and I've found myself wondering along those lines with many systems ever since.

    So in PL, you have an Infantry unit such as this....

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    The "2" equates to 2 hexes of movement. If your infantry can only move 2" at a time, that really makes maneuver a thing of subtlety in in-range combat abilities. That makes more sense to me, as Infantry generally walks cautiously, or runs cautiously in battle.

    I'm not really good at this but if I were to guess: At 10mm, and Infantry figure covering 8" in a straight line would equate to what... 80 yards? (I'm trying to visualize a football field here.) And 2" would equate to 10 yards (maybe 2, at least, but I'll stick with 10? That seems a reasonable walk to me. If you allow a rule to *doubletime*, doubling that (20 yards) in combat seems reasonable. Triple could be a sprint.

    So how would you cover a lot of ground to not grind the game to a snails pace? Armor Personnel Carriers, as is tradition....

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    That 5 gets them a lot further.

    So this is a start. Maybe an end This would obviously take a LOT of tweaking to come up with anything at all, but it might be fun.

    What do you think?
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    Hmmmm, now that I went back and looked at one of your SitRep pictures, I'm not sure if I'm full of hot air on this, hahaha. There just may be way too much scale difference between squad and platoon-level. When I think of Nations at War system, 3-hexes on that map is a hell of a long way....put then again, that represents something like 15-minutes worth of walking. That's probably a comparable in PC, though I am not sure they ever said, but it's the same-ish scale to the map.

    I am not sure what time scale is in WoI.
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    You're right about my scale and movement limit. The time scale isn't specified, but it's long enough for everyone on the table to conduct one attack, so we're talking a few seconds. An entire game probably represents about two minutes of battle time.

    Something you might not have considered is weapons range, though. Even though I'm at 10mm, the weapons being employed shoot across the table 90% of the time. So the game generally starts in combat range, and only terrain prevents immediate attacks.

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    Ah, you're right...I hadn't considered the weapon range. That could change things in how I was viewing things. I think you're spot on in your comment on time scale, as well.
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