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    And so ends the Nov 24th 1917 turn. The British did gain another victory area taking the factory. But took a pretty good beating at Grand Court.

    Would like to mention that while your artillery counters can only be used for one impulse the air units of both sides can be used in as many impulses as wanted as long as the weather holds. The weather can change on a British roll that equals the impulse number so you switch from good weather to bad in a single die roll, and vice versa, bad to good.

    Also on the exhausted units the number you see in the middle is it's defense value, it can not attack but they can defend

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    The British capture Orival Woods. This was on the third impulse and unfortunately the British threw snake eyes ending the day/turn really quickly.
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    The Germans try and blow 2 bridges in their area, both unsuccessful, now the British tanks can cross as long as the bridge can support them. ( Die roll) Also British cavalry itching to get into the fray.
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    Tonight the Germans in Cantaing decided to attack to try and reclaim Orivall Woods. The Germans start by placing a Hurricane Barrages marker this results in 2 British units becoming exhausted, not really the results the Germans we're hoping on as even exhausted units can add their defense value when being attacked.

    The Germans enter Orivall Woods supported by artillery, it's not enough though and all German units involved in the attack become exhausted and must retreat back to the Cantaing area.

    Now the British in the 9 woods area see a chance to wipe out the exhausted German units at Cantaing, but they end up being repulsed by the exhausted German units in Cantaing. (Really a bad time to throw snake eyes) So they end up being exhausted and having to retreat back to the 9 woods area.
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    I think this is one of the games I'll hang on to as I clear away some stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    I think this is one of the games I'll hang on to as I clear away some stuff.
    I'm never giving this one up! This one shot up to #1 in my book by turn 5. In tonights 2 turns the British did claim 2 more areas but its getting tough for them. German reinforcements are coming on strong and the Royal Tank Corps is starting to lose strength in all its units. Bad weather has kept both sides air power in their hangers.

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    Been almost a week since I've had a chance to sit at the table. Got in a turn tonight.

    The British while still pushing into new areas are finding it tough going as their artillery dwindles and the Germans move up more reserves. The weather was clear this turn so air power put in an appearance for both sides.
    The Germans did manage to retake Orival Woods but have left themselves in a tight spot, it shouldn't take much for the British to cut them off where they stand now. We will see next time.
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    The battle for Anneux.
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    With 3 turns left the British start a push at the center of the line. However their tank units have been dwindled down to 4 understrength, (most by 2/3 of their starting strength) units.
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    Looks like an exciting finish, but yes, armor is going to be difficult to use. I just love the artwork on this game!
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