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    Breakthrough Cambrai

    by Multi-Man Punlishing (MMP) In the mail this week. I have it setup and have been reading the rulebook and example of playbook. Area movement which I really like since my Breakout Normandy game days. Hopefully the British guns will sound tomorrow night.
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    British Infantry and tanks are ready for the offensive to begin. I am really looking forward to this!
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    I have this in the shrink still.
    I learned to love area movement with Storm Over Stalingrad.

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    Still waiting to play. Honey do list completely derailed my plans.

    Hi Duncan, never played that one.

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    German unit blows a bridge. Bridges are unrepairable in this game, tanks can't cross here.
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    British advance with tank support hoping to clear the area, close but no cigar.
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    German impulse, no attack, no picture, they just moved units towards the action.

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    Next British attack goes forward without tank support. This attack ended in a tie die roll this is a stalemate result. Both sides flip their point/forward unit to exhausted. The attacker (British) could withdraw if they wanted to back to the area they started in but they will stay where they are.
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    The British keep adding more troops and taking control of another area.
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    This is brutal! You are feeding my interest in playing some WWI sometime, BTW.
    If you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning

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