I had to pack my gaming table away for house walkthroughs, because we'll be selling our house soon and moving to Tennessee! If I play any games in the next few months, it will probably be the couple of board games I own.

I've been looking through the old scenarios in Avalon Hill's Firepower game, since it's the same scale as the minis and table I use and has fairly interesting scenarios. When I set up my table at my new house, I may play at least one Vietnam scenario, just imagining jungle growth rather than making it (I can't imagine anyone actually covering a 10mm table in jungle trees to scale). But that's an entire season from now, so I may get interested in something else by then.

I also plan to buy Nordic Weasel's book Not Just a Brush War, which looks like it might have some helpful scenario ideas for my minis.

Until then, my friends, I'll be taking some time off from miniatures gaming and just looking for inspiration. I'd love to see some interesting AARs here in the meantime.