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    Vietnam scenario from Firepower board game

    It's going to be about three months until I play this game, since I'll be moving to Tennessee around Independence Day. This scenario is from the rules for Avalon Hill's game Firepower. I'll be using the Wars of Insurgency rules to play this scenario with my 10mm brush war miniatures.

    Scenario 1:
    Meeting Engagements—Jungle Patrol

    Vietnam, 1970

    North Vietnamese infantry squad vs American light infantry squad, symmetric

    Jungle throughout (won't appear on table), with two houses near the center

    Game length is 5 turns. Units may exit only off their setup side. Figures with body armor get an extra defensive die. Figures may not enter houses.

    Die roll determines initial setup. Winner selects entry side and decides to set up first or second. Both players set up within 6” of their side. All units start on the table.

    Order of battle:
    North Vietnamese (regulars)
    7 riflemen with AKs, 1 rifleman with semi-auto carbine, 1 LMG gunner, 1 RPG2 soldier with 3 grenades, 1 leader and 1 assistant with body armor, 30 hand grenades

    Americans (regulars)
    7 riflemen, 2 grenadiers with 4 grenades each, 1 LMG gunner, 1 soldier with shotgun, 1 leader, 1 assistant, 22 hand grenades, all have body armor

    Victory conditions:
    Each side gets 2 VPs for each house controlled after 5 turns. GM decides if a house is controlled.

    Since I'm pretty tired of losing lately, I might just play both sides objectively and watch it unfold like a movie.

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    Interesting idea of combining AH’s Firepower scenario to another system.... I am finding that concept valuable with board games; but in your instance, using miniatures, which is very cool. I’d seen a lot of similar use with miniatures in the Addvanced Squad Leader world. It’s great, thinking outside of the box like that!

    I‘m trying to remember Firepower.... is that squad-level? I own it. But never played it.

    I look forward to seeing this played.

    Good luck with the move!!!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Yes, check out the order of battle above. It's a squad vs a squad. It can get up to a nearly a platoon. It's perfect for my table, which is about the same scale.

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