I plan on embarking on the creation off a series of WWII, Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) scenarios surrounding the relatively short, but amazing history of the United States, 1st Marine Raider Battalion.

In February 1942, Lieutenant General Thomas Holcomb, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, ordered the creation of a new unit, designated the 1st Marine Raider Battalion. This elite force (and its three sister battalions) went on to gain considerable fame for fighting prowess in World War II.

The story of the Marine Raiders is fascinating to me; from its inception, growth, and sudden end of them. It reveals a great deal about the development and conduct of amphibious operations during the war, and the challenges the Corps faced in expanding from 19,000 men to nearly a half million. The raiders also attracted more than their share of strong leaders. The resulting combination of courage, doctrine, organization, and personalities makes this one of the most interesting chapters in Marine Corps history.

The vehicle to play these scenarios will be my favorite system: Lock ‘N Load, using the Heroes of the Pacific module, which I just purchased and was delivered yesterday!

I’ll use this thread to detail the development.