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    Welcome the new Area 51 Super Moderator - Maarten

    Please welcome the new Super Moderator of Area 51!

    Maarten brings enormous talent, skills and knowledge to the Modeling Lab. His builds are phenomenal, and inspirational. He has graciously accepted my invitation to helm this area of the forum, which I've always believed - shares much the same kindred vibe as wargame component construction. Modeling and Wargaming can be very much Allied Hobbies and greatly compliment one another; yet are inherently, distinctly different, therefore requiring someone with focused and specialized experience in the modeling world to do this section of the forum justice.

    Through his leadership, and with greater (and new) membership involvement, the DropZone can be a place to advance the fine hobby of model building. He is a fantastic addition to the site, and to the moderating corps.
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    Welcome Maarten!!

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