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Thread: Whiterook's Log

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    So an interesting thing happened with the new hearing aids just a short time ago....I was waiting in the parking lot, waiting for my wife who was getting her hair done, and listening to The Beach Boys.... these were songs I listened to in my car, cruising around town in the 1970’s. As I listened to ‘God Only Knows’, I realized I was hearing it with the hearing I had back then. Seriously, it was emotional.

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    So, I’m starting to run low on gas. Work has been just brutal with workload, travel, and bringing a new employee up to speed, and I’m starting to look like one of those Whack A Mole’s at the carnival. I need a break.

    I’m taking a couple days off following the 4th of July. It’s supposed to be hot as Marilyn Monroe’s ass, which means short of going to the ocean (where everyone else in the Northeast will be during a Hazy Hot and Humid Heatwave), I think I’ll spend a fair part of it in the basement furnace room reclaiming my model/miniature workshop area.... and blow up a shitload of tanks! I’d like to get a few started games of TANKS! Going.

    Adult beverages may be consumed....nothing like firing a Tiger tank when you’re blitzed.

    I also have some very cool games to open and learn. Armageddon War is high on the list and will likely see some rules reading.

    The Hanebau II is also waiting for me!!! As is the Battlestar Galactica Viper Bay diorama.

    I can’t say I have nothing to do!!!
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    Rain and thunder/lightning storms coming in for tomorrow...supposed to make the heat wave go all kinds of muggy! I’ve the day off, extending thee 4th of July vacation into the weekend, so the plan is to re-read/learn Pavlov’s House (DVG), which just came in a couple days ago, and try and get a game or two in.

    Oddly, work has just kicked my butt so much that, I’ve been a bit of a walking Zombie.... hard time getting the energy flowing to sit down and play. That ain’t good!

    I’m really looking forward to just throwing some dice.
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    So I bought a new desk/hutch for the office....I'll throw a pic up if anyone is even remotely interested....and it took six days to put together, including 16+ hours a couple weekends back and the majority of the rest of the week that followed. This past week, I was putting the office back together, including the stocking and tweaking of the new workstation.

    Assembling the desk was horrid....felt like it would never end. Literally, EVERY pirece put together from scratch. Going through he instructions one step at a time, it was like building one of the more complex plastic models I've ever worked on. That correlation hit me more than once, in fact!

    At one point, moving the two giant L-shaped halves together with Karen, I was so concerned with her well being that I wasn't paying heed to myself and pulled something in my left side....rib cage area. That was on Day 3, and it is starting to just now feel better. Coincidently, I'd had a checkup scheduled with my doctor a couple days later, and I had him look at the area just to be sure I didn't do something incredibly stupid... but rather, just mildly stupid; we determined it to be the latter.

    The good news is, the L-portion that doesn't house the computer monitor makes excellent gaming the desk will serve well, beyond into retirement!

    I ended up buying a new $60 wireless keyboard, which was honestly the best piece of computer equipment I've ever bought for work out of my own funds. I am so much more productive than the crap they use. Another bonus was, the keyboard is low profile, with a small footprint, which sits well atop the desk; so I am able to keep the laptop in the keyboard tray, out of the way!!! Instant real-estate!!!!

    It's the little things in life that make it sweeter...even when one of those little things is a giant, Big-ass desk!
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    Part of my office project of bringing in a new work desk....which honestly, was money so well spent!, I had some wall space doing nothing; so, I moved up the acoustic guitar wall mount from the basement Game Cave, and hung my acoustic guitar up. Seeing it has inspired me to actually play the darned thing again!

    ...this is a good thing, as I really need some distractions from work, and wargaming has hit a bump in the road; that bump being, exhaustion. I never thought I'd be too tired to play wargames! I do see the chance to get past the major work projects I have on the table by this Winter, so, perhaps slinging dice isn't too far down the pike. Still, I am endeavoring to get a game or two played in the meantime...we'll see.

    Until then, perhaps I can learn a song or two on a long-abnadonned guitar.
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    Been a long time since my last entry. As usual, my work-workload has been through the roof crazy, but I am far down the road of the major project that is taking pretty much 100% of my work schedule. Still a long way to go but, I look back to when I started, which felt so daunting, and am amazed at the amount of work produced. Not bragging...seriously amazed. THE biggest thing I've ever worked on.

    For wargaming, things chug along at a slow speed but, I see opportunities to pick up momentum back to where I am used to being in playing, as well as design...

    Haven't played anything in months, which feels horrible. I have time off in a few weeks, between Christmas and New Years so, I plan to have plenty of fun time built in. Part of that was, games I bought at the Compass Game Expo a month ago; and actually, the fact it's exactly a month ago is blowing my mind (it feels like it was just yesterday!!!).

    Top on my list to play is, Night Fighter Ace...WWII German nightfighter attacking British bombers on night raids.

    I also have a new series of Lock 'N Load Tactical (WWII) scenarios in the soup. I'm looking to design some maps to play some of the scenarios, as well. Hopefully, LNLP will like and publish it as a scenario book sometime in the future. More on that later!

    Just finished proofing a rulebook and a companion book for a game currently in KickStarter. More on that later, too!

    As I move into the New Year soon, I want that to include a re-capturing of time devoted to hobbies and just fun in general. 2018 was a lost year of work, work, work. I'm exhausted, and need to get back to the things that make me happy
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    2019 has started off on the right track... so far, I've been doing more solitaire wargaming with a cool modern war game from Mark Walker's Platoon Commander series... "Sticks & Stones". It's a nice little system, with more of a simplified gaming system, which is what I needed; a game that I could just get into fairly quickly, and fan the flicker of flames in the kindling

    This harkens back to a several years back, when I did a lot more gaming. I'd lost that over the past few years as work has steadily become more complicated, and frankly, you can see clearly from my previous posts! It feels good!!! I don't want to pressure myself but, I want to keep this moving, as well...playing games, and maybe getting back into some of the development stuff I'd started but fell to the wayside.

    I want to see if I can make 2019 a Year of Reinvention: I need to get several areas of my life on a stronger foundation; in some cases, serious course correction. I want to challenge myself for redirection towards a better path in the next few years, as I edge towards retirement.

    It has the potential to be a defining year in my hobbies and my wellbeing.
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    That's exciting! Hope it goes well.

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    One big thing I've adjusted fire on so far this year is, cleaning and organizing my model buidling workshop area. The bench is reclaimed from the mounds of junk piled on it from my dear wife (if I don't find a home for it, she does! ...good motivation, I guess ). Dusted the cobwebs out. Cleaned off the airbrush spray booth. And started a little work on an old, unfinished model (P-51D Mustang). Baby steps!

    Got the acoustic guitar ready to go, and will try to start strumming again shortly.

    I've felt more in-tune with my hobbies in many ways. That month-long furlough helped me re-ground myself in a big ways so, Thank You, President Trump!!!!! And speaking of...though stress and pressure have once again built to crazy levels at work, I am still maintaining the calm gained from that time off. I will do my best to sustain that!
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    Stress has built dramatically at work, and some stressful family issues, bit so far I've been able to keep things level and in perspective still. Knowing retirement is in the near future, just a few mere years away has really placed me in a point in my life where I am more cognizant and focused on protecting myself, and less concerned with others' dipshittery.

    On a wargaming note, I've been circling in strange turns of events where I'd discovered a very simple series of wargames by Tiny Battle Publishing -- Platoon Commander -- that is a very simplified version of Lock 'N Load's older forst edition of the World at War series. I realized during my first reading of the rules to PC's "Sticks & Stones" that, what I was looking at was essentially World at War simplified.

    That led me to break out one of four World at War games owned and check out the difference, only to realize, I really want to get back into World at War modern warfare series.

    But that then led me to the less complex WWII version of the system, which is the Nations at War series, and one of my Top 3 favorite games of all time, "White Star Rising". I'm not sure why I stopped playing it ....likely, a too busy life.

    So this then led me to consider not only the re-tooled World at War system coming out, of which I pledged on Kick Starter a couple weeks back for the new re-tooled version due later this Summer; but, then also start re-purchasing the three, re-tooled Nations at War games. I owned White Star Rising, and Desert Heat, but never picked up Stalin's Triumph. I really pondered whether I wanted to plunk down more coin for games I already own, but it really came up to the superior re-design, as they are essentially, whole new offerings. I figure I can use the old versions at game shop play, or as Pay it Forward trades in facebook.

    So as I said, running in circles to end up at a great place!!!
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