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I’m really looking forward to adding this to my collection. It’s actually the first M44 product I’ve bought new. I’d stopped buying several years ago, and placed myself behind the 8 Ball...because, I then had to buy on the back markets at much higher costs. This one I got at $48 USD *Retail $60).

This is the second expansion that deals with air units. I have the Air Pack...and had actually won a second Air Pack in a miniature plane painting contest I took part in with Days of Wonder, which I gave to an ex-member at one of the old forums.

I’ve had a resurgent interest in Memoir ‘44 of late — it’s a GREAT game — so this is a nice re-start in collecting.

A side note on this is, I saw that at the upcoming Compass Games Expo this November, which I will be attending, one of the events is this expansion. When I saw it, I had no idea what was being referenced. I then saw a Noble Knight Games email referencing the expansion! A quick search and here we are!!! I’ll be playing this at the expo; Compass Games allows the play of other games at their expo, which is awesome!

From the DoW site:

Air supremacy was a constant challenge during World War II. In the Battle of France, the Luftwaffe’s powerful Stukas were a key component to the German’s blitzkrieg strategy that led them to victory. Over the English Channel, the heroism of RAF pilots saved their country from an invasion. In the skies of Kursk, Smolensk and Stalingrad, many Soviet pilots defended their land against German bombs. And when the Allied forces landed in Europe, it was under a constant aerial cover of fighters, fighter-bombers, and bombers. At that time, Allied air supremacy was at its pinnacle.Find out Memoir 44 – New Flight Plan, a new expansion featuring aircraft figures. Name:  ADA204E6-E712-4F3F-97C1-7E72B7449C04.jpg
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In this expansion, you will be able to deploy air units, such as fighters, fighter-bombers and even bombers to support your troops on the battlefield. This is not the first time airplanes will make an appearance in the Memoir 44 system, but with its all new set of streamlined rules, Memoir 44 – New Flight Plan grants many new tactical options and is compatible with all existing scenarios in all theaters of operation. The expansion also comes with 21 new scenarios and 16 finely-crafted, legendary planes, in impressive sizes, such as the B-17 that measures 72mm by 101mm.

Memoir 44 – New Flight Plan
is an expansion for Memoir 44. It includes 16 Airplane Figures, 3 Airplane Stands, 30 Air Combat Cards, 8 Summary Cards, 15 Nation Markers, 18 Machine Gun and 12 Bomb Markers, 1 Rules booklet and 1 Scenario booklet with 21 new Scenarios. The expansion is expected to be available in May