I have no idea, really

On Mac, I wasnít worried so much, as you donít have near the vulnerabilities you have on a PC with virus, malware, and all that other scary shit.

On a PC, Iíd run VASSAL for years with not a worry ó and knock on wood, JAVA never compromised my systems, near as I could tell. But those days, especially considering I just switched back to a PC laptop from a Mac, I hesitate.

This article is about the best I found on this subject, and the key seems to be:
  1. Keep it manually updated (and watch for those updates); and
  2. Delete the old version when you update with a new version.

Now, why am I quaking on and on about this?

I want VASSAL.

I still have it loaded on my old MacBook Pro, so thereís that. But thatís now in itsí new home in the basement. Iím lazy (or old...really canít tell these days). I donít necessarily want to go down into the cold, musty basement to play a VASSAL game, especially for GMing here on the forum. I know...First World Problem, right!?!

I just wanted to broach the subject. anyone with better knowledge on this subject is more than welcome to weigh in.