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This simulation of the Antietam Campaign is the second volume in Avalon Hill's series of strategic American Civil War games.

Unlike most ACW games, which concentrate on specific battles,
Here Come the Rebels! portrays an entire two-week military campaign.

The Confederate player's objective is to secure Maryland for the South; and the Union player's goal is to drive the Rebel army out of Maryland.

Avalon Hill claimed the system is easy to learn, with several scenarios played to completion within an hour.

The two beautiful maps in the game portray northern Virginia and Maryland as they were in 1862, including roads, turnpikes, railroads, rivers, mountains, cities, and towns. The highly accurate maps are based on original Civil War maps in state and county archives.

In the game, players control Union and Confederate armies in turns representing one day of real time. The game's interactive system of play assures that each scenario will be unpredictable, exciting and competitive. An extensive historical article, detailing the day-to-day activities of the actual campaign, is included in the game.