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    Late war is coming.

    After the stop gap Armies of Late War book and cards released a while ago the main part of Late war is going to be released slowly from D Day onwards.

    Starting with the US and the Germans, there are a couple of starter sets and the main army books for both nations which look to be concentrating on the European theatre.

    June 2019, FURY and Hit the Beach:
    Will be our two new starter sets. FURY is a small starter set similar to Stalingrad or El Alamein with 5 plastic tanks. Hit the Beach is a more comprehensive starter kit than FURY, similar to Open Fire!, and includes infantry, guns, and tanks. Everything you need to start playing games right off the bat, Hit the Beach is a big box of toys for great value, offering a considerable discount compared to purchasing all the components separately. Both starter sets are German vs American and both sets include a quick play guide, mini rulebook, assembly guides, unit cards, and dice.

    June 2019, Army Deals:
    Much like (but bigger and even better value) the Army Deals that accompany each other book release, there will be a late war boxed army release for each of the major four nations—German, British, American, and Soviet, with the complete A5 Rule Book, assembly guides, and Unit cards that will be consistent with Fortress Europe and the first wave of Late War D-Day books.

    July 2019, American D-Day Book:
    Will be the first specific Army Book for Late War. This release will cover the American forces that landed in Normandy and dropped behind enemy lines, as well as the breakout forces that helped secure the the liberation of France. 100+ pages in length. This book will include the following formations:

    D-Minus 1 Formations: Parachute Rifle Company, Glider Rifle Company,

    D-Day Formations: Ranger Company, Assault Company, Rifle Company, Veteran Assault Company, Veteran Rifle Company,

    Breakout Formations: M4 Sherman Tank Company, M5 Stuart Tank Company, Armored Rifle Company, M4 Sherman Veteran Tank Company, M5 Stuart Veteran Tank Company, Veteran Armored Rifle Company, M10 Tank Destroyer Company,
    and plenty of support options. The book will also include three different D-Day-themed missions with airborne landings, beach landings, breakouts, and bocage battles.

    September 2019, German D-Day Book:
    Is a partner book to the American D-Day Book, covering German forces manning the formidable Atlantic Wall during the D-Day landings and those facing the allied advance one hedgerow at a time through the French countryside during the desperate defence of France. It will be 120+ pages and will include the following formations:

    Beach Defenders: Infantry Company,

    Airborne Formations: Fallschirmjӓger Company, FJ StuG Company,

    Army Formations: Panzer IV Tank Company, Panther Tank Company, Panzergrenadier Company, Reconnaissance Company, Tiger Tank Company,

    alongside a lot of support options. The book will also include three different D-Day-themed missions with airborne landings, beach landings, breakouts, and bocage battles.

    Taken from the Flames of War website.

    I am not sure if I will be getting the German book as I have always used an Eastern front force and I have no real desire to field most of the formations mentioned that are not already in Armies of Late War apart from the recon force. I will wait to have a better look before I decide.
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    WOW! I’ve not been keeping up with the line so, thank you for this! I need to sit down and strategize possible purchasing strategies. I agree that, buying in these sets is definitely the way to go for cost savings....and....sometimes the deals move on to other things and its harder to get the earlier ones.
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