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    Games Workshops new painting guide website

    GW have released a new range of paints and have a dedicated website for painting tips at

    This looks like a really useful site. They have always produced good quality paints but a site that explains the different types and has how-to vids is great.

    It all seems to coming a bit late for me as my hands and eyes are not as good as they were, but you never know.
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    WOW!!!!! That’s a fabulous redo on their site, and I’m really excited to hear of new products and always thrilled to see new instruction resources! I love Citadel paints, and have come rather late to the party, only coming across them in the past few years. Superior quality, and I love their washes.

    I hear you on the getting older gig....for me, i’s the hands, where dexterity is not as good as once ago, but also some weirdness going on with my left thumb which has been told to me likely from overuse with my non-conventional typing style/computer use/tablet use.
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