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    Skirmish. There goes that idea.........or does it. No more battalions of paratroops dropping on a company of defenders but what about some smaller possible actions. How about an advance group of elite troops whose job it is to secure the airport or their counterparts tasked with denying it. One side could try to place full fuel tankers on the flight line denying it to landing planes while the other tries to stop it. Say you get a fuel truck onto the runways then use a small charge to blow off the wheels keeping it there. The other force is trying to keep anything from getting on the runways. Have every truck fitted with small charges to open the fuel lines then larger detonating charges to start the leaked fuel on fire. Would be good against planes and landed paratroopers.

    Other ideas. Shut down the electrical system to turn off runway lights. Then place spurious lights on the grass between the runways. Should be effective against overloaded transports or ones not designed for rough ground. Or set the fake lights so the transports land on the adjacent highway or rail network. Should go OK until they hit the first overpass supports.

    Maybe like Entebbe the forces need to rescue hostages trapped in a plane, ship, terminal, cargo warehouse, and so on. Or you need to destroy or protect infrastructure. Airports are valuable and have lots of costly stuff hanging, or hangered, around.

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    Great ideas, and they can be done. The problem is terrain and scenery. I don't want to include scenarios that require players to buy a table full of props, runways, and airplanes they'll only use for one or two games. Because those scenarios probably won't be used.

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