The first edition of this is one of my favourite games so I have been a bit hesitant to try the second version which has been out for a while now, but, Monday night I bit the bullet and gave it a try.

There was the usual re-write confusion, so this rule is the same, this rule is new, and this one has been changed a bit , type of thing but I was fairly impressed. I am not convinced it is any better but I don`t actually think it is any worse which is a lot more than you can say about a lot of re-writes.

The basics are the same, pick a force for 4-6 points, a point buying you 4 elites, or 8 warriors, or 12 levies. With each unit you have on the table giving you a Saga dice to roll for the battleboard.

The differences here is that in v1 levies did not generate a die but the warlord got you 2, now you get 1 for each.

In v1 a sole survivor of a unit would still generate a die, but now if you go below 50% of the official unit strength they generate no dice. I quite often in the past would take 2 units of warriors (2 x 8 = 16) fielding them in 3 groups , 2 x 6 and a 4 man unit I kept with my Warlord to give him some ablative armour, and an extra dice. Now I would have to make sure I did not lose any from the 4 man unit as they will be on the 50% threshold and could lose their dice with just 1 casualty.

Movement now is in straight lines which seems counter intuitive for a skirmish game. Foot movement is 6 inch, while cavalry is 12 inch which can be split into 2 sections, 6 inch in a straight line then a dogleg 6 inch again in a straight line.

Movement has changed a bit, in v1 you had to use a dice to move a unit but now if you want to move a unit and its entire move is more that 12 inch away from an enemy then that does not need a dice, all other movement does need a dice.

A unit that has been charged can now "close ranks", losinf half of its attack dice but making it harder to kill. Only hand weapons and spears can use this, levies and people with two handed weapons can`t

The warlord can now only pass off wounds onto elites, not elites and warriors like it used to be, though he can choose to take a "fatigue" marker for up to 3 wounds which might mean he survives but will severely hamper him for a while.

A units fatigue can still be used to hamper them and buff your own unit.

Funnily enough my main complaint is the layout of the new battleboards. V1 had the section for ordering units to activate, (which could be used multiple times if you had the appropriate dice) down the left hand side, and the single use per turn abilities next to them. V2 has the activations section running along the top and the abilites in 3 columns underneath which is slightly confusing for someone who knows the old layouts very well. There are a couple less abilities than before, with, at least in the Anglo-Dane board I was using, some of the more over the top ones being ommited.

I will be dropping heavy hints about this for my upcoming birthday.

The basic rules are going for about 10 and the armies book, Saga, Age of Vikings, for about 30 over here.The armies book now contains rules and battleboards for every army produced for this period.

I think I have all of thisright, though, as I said, it is always confusing when rules are partly changed, nd it did not help that I am having problems with my ears so had to keep saying "eh" and "what?" a lot. My mate Sean showed great patience with me.