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    Opinions on AP Panzer Grenadier system?

    I have four modules for the Avalanche Press Panzer Grenadier system. They are from a previous edition. I'm debating whether to break them out solitaire or try to find an opponent, or give them away. I so wish they had VASSAL modules. Any thoughts on the system?

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    I personally love the system, and I know Mike does, as well.

    I was into PG, which is platoon-level, before I found LNLP’s Lock ‘N Load Tactical (squad-level) and it was a good fit form me at the time. don’t get me wrong — I am still a huge Panzer Grenadier fan post-finding LNLP, but squad-level ruled my interests almost exclusively up until recent years. Your Leaders are thee crucial component to the system, and once you master their use, you’re good to go!

    What I love about the system is, “One Rulebook to Rule Them All!” Learn the core rulebook, which isn’t terribly long and is only moderately complex IMHO, and you have TONS of modules and TONS of scenarios to play!!! All theaters, too! That’s what I love about LNLT too, but LNLP doesn’t have near the amount of scenarios as PG does.

    Like LNLT, I view Panzer Grenadier as comfortable in between, compared to Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kits and Advanced Squad Leader — but again, it is platoon-level, but I use those squad perennials as a good litmus.

    Panzer Grenadier plays comfortably, and realistically. It also plays extremely well solitaire...which is how I play it (...never found an opponent for the system).

    I like the Leader counters, but I was never a fan of the infantry counters.... yeah, they are OK, especially if you like SL or ASL... but the little dudes ar just so BLAH.

    The maps are very good...not great, but very good. But again, with so many modules, you can use maps for DYO to your hearts content. Being a larger scale, the cities/towns are viewed from a much higher vantage point and hexes of course, cover more territory each. I love that you can have large scale battles!

    I own a significant amount of the modules and books, and all pretty much the older stuff. LNLP put thee breaks on PG, as it did to M44 for me personally, but I’d still very much like to buy new product, but their shipping prices are just friggin’ ridiculous (which as a Canadian, I am preaching to the choir). I’d like to know what you have.

    Don’t give them away mate...unless they’re to me
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    I just ordered Airborne from Ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    I just ordered Airborne from Ebay.
    I have that one, too....the boxed game (there was also a book supplement at one point). If I recall, it was along thee lines of an introductory game?
    If you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning

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