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    Overspray Away from the Tape

    A great tip from Chris Wallace, in FineScale Modeller, working on Hasegawa’s 1/72, Japanese WWII, Kawasaki Ki-45 “Nick”. He sprayed Tamiya White (XF-2) on he wings, vertical tail, and rear fuselage before moving to thee base coat and camouflage after masking.

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    His tip was:

    Airbrushing away from, rather than towards mask edges minimizes the chance of paint bleeding under the tape.
    Not sue why I never really thought of that, and yes, I did suffer that bleeding under the tape problem in the past!
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    Argh!!! It's so simple. Bonking my head against the wall.

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    Makes sense, you are not blasting the paint into the tape that way.
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