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    Full Thrust

    My last game of 2019 was a tryout of Full Thrust. A quite complicated game at first sight that slowly made sense as we got into it. The rules are available as a free download

    Quite simple mechanics, ships have a move characteristic ours were 8") and you have a drive unit that lets you accelerate or decelerate up to 6". You have to move the amount you have nominated so you have to be carefull and really work things out before you start your turn as flying off the edge of the universe is going to either killyou or at least delay you till you can come back on again.

    Shooting is simple, you have 3 classes of gun,
    A-1d6 at 36", 2d6 at 24" ans 3d6 at 12".
    B-1d6 at 24", 2d6 at12"
    C-1d6 at 12"
    4+ is a hit and a 6 is 2 damage and roll again.

    You have fire control stationsand you can never fire more guns than you have fire controllers.

    Some medium+ size ships have shields that cancel some hits. You need 5+ to hit these.

    All ships have a drive unit.

    Most ships have 3 rows of damage boxes which, when you have filled in a row you have to roll a d6 for each system losing it on a 6, so a Cruiser that starts with 3 guns and 2 fire controls could end up losing a fire control and only being able to fire 1 gun per turn. If you lose your drive you can only effect your speed by 3" not 6 which can cause problems if you are heading towards something nasty and want to slow down quickly.

    The most complicated part are turns which come in 30,60 and 90 degree angles but you are limited in just how many turns you can make at various speeds and where in your movement you can make them.

    You can buy ships for this but considering the amount of time we spent with tokens stacked on each ither in the middle of the game I am not sure if they would be any better.

    We only played the basic rules as this is a game neither of us had ever tried and my friend had been meaning to try for quite a while. We both enjoyed it and I would be happy to give it another go though I can`t see me playing it regularly, but for a completely free game it is fine.
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    VERY interesting, and thanks for posting this thread!!! ...this was one of the systems I was considering for use with my Battlestar Galactica miniatures (the 28mm ones I have, to the newer Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles). Please keep me in the loop on this... maybe you can walk through some of the mechanics too, at some point in The Command Post - Misc. Systems.
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