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    #9 Loving this series.

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    Pretty much nothing to do with the cover information. A bit of a Hunger Games rip off. But a fun read. 3/5

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    Just finished the trilogy. I read it as a teen. Still enjoy it but I am more critical of the writing. 4/5 for nostalgia.

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    I have always loved most of his books though I have not read any for a few years. I might have to start looking round for some replacements though as during a recent cull of our bookshelves I found a few where the glue has completly gone leaving a lot of paper sheets loose in the cover.
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    #12 Chillin' with Comixology. I wasn't sure about using them because you don't own a pdf copy. You get online access to your library. But the cost is good and I really enjoy the guided view option.

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