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    Assaulting with Modern (Vietnam and later...) Rifles

    In a question, in a game of the old Lock ĎN Load Publishing game, World at War: Eisenbach Gap, it was asked, if a charge where soldiers run several hundred meters to engage the enemy in our days seems unrealistic.

    Mark Walker, owner of Flying Pig Games stated:

    Iím not an infantry guy (Navy, thank you very much), but Iíve been reading a lot about Vietnam combat lately. Many engagements did feature assaults by troops covering a few hundred meters of ground, even against prepared positions. I think we are conditioned to believe a couple of well place machine guns turns any open ground into Verdun. But, infantry from 1918 forward move in spread out packets instead of lines, under cover of suppressing fire. Troops with assault rifles have nearly the same firepower as light machine guns, and can contribute to their own suppressing fire. Yup, itís still very dangerous, and the assault rules reflect that.

    Now, Iím not saying the gameís rules are perfectly accurate for every situation; they probably are not. But, they have the advantage of giving infantry a more dynamic role in the game than other platoon level tank oriented games Iíve played over the years. Perhaps the rules let infantry accomplish in one or two turns what might in reality take a number of turns to get done. But, they work well, IMHO.
    I have to agree with Mark on this one... perhaps many of we WWII gamers are so used to running into the teeth of German MG42ís, that we forget the power of the modern military rifle, compared to say, a WWII M1 Garland. That, and the nature of assault tactics in modern times combine for quite a potent mix.

    FYI to my scenario being played: "Assault" combat is meant to represent any high-intensity combat between units at ranges less than 150m. In the scenario I am playing, the assaulting units are all armor in this case ó the tanks and AFVs aren't engaging in melee combat - they're firing at battlesight ranges or less.
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    Research some of the battles from The Falkland War. There is an excellent YouTube series. There are two other episodes. I believe it was originally a training film. They talk about some of the close combat - ie. a bayonet charge - that went on.

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