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    Deluxe ASL Redux

    Pre-ordered this and was just charged, so I’m excited to be getting this in the near future. I never owned any of these Advanced Squad Leader, Historical Modules, so it’s great to finally add them to my collection. The cool thing on these is, the artwork fro the maps are retooled, which I am very curious to see on the table!

    Picked up at a substantial discount

    Deluxe ASL Redux is a map-and-scenario pack based on the boards and scenarios from Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell.
    It will include:
    • all eight original Deluxe ASL maps (a-h), repainted by Charlie Kibler and finished in the "tri-fold" style of Deluxe maps i-l from Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #9;
    • all of the original Deluxe ASL overlays (from the 1995 Annual), also repainted by Charlie, and two sheets of *new* overlays;
    • four additional sheets of wooden and stone rubble Kibler overlays;
    • the original 18 Deluxe ASL scenarios, all updated and rebalanced as needed;
    • 20 additional, out-of-print Deluxe ASL scenarios, also updated and rebalanced as needed;
    • one box

    Once we're satisfied there's enough interest in producing this pack, we'll get Charlie working on painting the maps and overlays while we continue updating the scenarios (between 38 and 40 total), none of which should take too long.

    Scenarios include the "original 18" DASL scenarios:
    Guryev's Headquarters [D1]
    Berserk! [D2]
    Storming the Factory [D3]
    First to Strike [D4]
    Little Stalingrad [D5]
    Draconian Measures [D6]
    With Flame and Shell [D7]
    The Schoolhouse [D8]
    Preparing the Way [D9]
    The Final Battle [D10]
    Ripe Pickings [D11]
    Repulsed [D12]
    Bogged Down [D13]
    Buying the Farm [D14]
    Barkmann's Corner [D15]
    Clay Pigeons [D16]
    They're Coming! [D17]
    King of the Hill [D18]

    Additional scenarios will include:
    Back to School [AD3]
    Brave Little Emchas [J65]
    Charging Chaumont [J123]
    Cobra Kings [J124]
    Headhunting For Bloody Huns [OB4]
    Himmler’s House [J89]
    In The Old Tradition [J11]
    Intimate War [AD5]
    Lehr Sanction [AD7]
    Mayhem in Manila [A103]
    Royal Marines [AD9]
    Sicilian Midnight [AD11, OA12]
    Smoke The Kents [GD-C]
    St. Barthelemy Bash [J6]
    The Island [AD4]
    The Kiwis Attack [GD-B]
    The Mailed Fist [AD13]
    The Road to St. Lo [OA1]
    The Tiger of Toungoo [AD10]
    To The Last Man [GD-A]
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    That is a lot of scenarios. Enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    That is a lot of scenarios. Enjoy.
    Yees indeedy! The box just arrived yesterday so, I’m pretty excited to get this, even though I am nowhere close to playing full-on ASL yet.

    Here’s an unboxing video I found tonight... kinda long but you get to see everything!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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