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    GeekUp Card & Bit Holders

    A buddy of mine pulled these out at the Compass Games Expo and I was rather impressed with them. We used them to hold counters, as thee game we played had no cards, but I can see how the slots would bee Andy for cards. The only drawback to these was, the silicone made it a tad tuc to slide the counters in the bays when trying to wrangle bad boys.

    Sold at BoardGameGeek, they are quite expensive for 13 holders, at a price of $54, but you can get them individually for $5 a pop.

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    These are pics from the Expo, where we were playing Lock N Load Tactical...

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    I ended up picking up four of these!

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    ...Ill be able to use them with Memoir 44 and DVG, too!
    If you can't be a good example, be a horrible warning

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