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A good, quality Dice Tower can make a world of difference in your gaming! The best way, in my humble opinion, to get the best dice results. But findings. Good one is quite the battle in itself, because the quality ones are not cheap!

Mine cost $70, and is made of Honey Locust wood, and I think absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Here’s mine in recent action at the 2019 Compasss Games Expo...

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I first became aware off these several years ago, and at the time, the best you could hope to get was a Pevla Dice Tower... Pevla being a somewhat renowned Advanced Squad Leader gamer who happened to make his own dice tower...which was quickly sought out by ASLers everywhere. I actually contacted hm for one, on facebook, but he never responded. I’d learned that he did these for friends only, as a side hobby. I did see one in action at an ASL convention a few years back, and I have to admit, it was very well build, a nice look, and the action of he dice in the baffles was smooth and queit(-ish....dice are only so quiet!).

Another ‘brand’ I would recommend is one made by RitterKrieg (David Ritter), who also makes custom ASL map trays, and sells ASL products at dirt cheap prices. I’ve never seen his dice tower, but they are all hand made and look like a Pevla tower, so I would bank money they are good.

But in my endless search, I found this beauty... a handmade dice tower and tray, hand crafted in Tennessee by Souza. Available on Amazon. Mine is like pictured above, in Cherry wood. Like mentioned above, I believe this is as good, if not better than a Pevla tower. Smooth baffle action, quiet, and I personally like the round entry hole at top, better than the traditional square.