A great review of Lock ‘N Load Publishing’s, original White Star Rising game, by MarcoOmnigamer (I always enjoy this guys’ vids!).

WSR is a fantastic Platoon-level WWII game, and the first (and my favorite) of the LNLP Nations at War system series of games. An approachable system, with basically around a dozen pages of rules, and excellent components.

One of Marco’s comments really hit home, and I instantly thought he’d hit on one of the things I never picked up on as one of my most admired features... the counters have all the combat information you need, eliminating the need for a Combat Table! I always loved that elegance, but never really thought it through as to what this brings to more speedy, and hassle-free gaming experience.

Pay attention too, to his explanation of armored infantry versus tanks, which is a highlight of the system’s ability to bring bloody and realistic, close combat of boots against metal carnage!

Also of note is the example of the Activation System (chit-draw), with use of End Turn Markers, bringing unpredictability to the game, and yet another elegant mechanic at work.

I love WSR.... to this day, still in my Top 5!