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    I have a feeling that Ivan Storensen might partially agree with you and direct you to use FiveCore, instead. Those rules represent the evolution of his thinking around platoon-sized skirmish gaming.

    Additionally, you are probably not Ivan's demographic. He makes his rules for people like me who are more about the action and less about strict adherence to rules. You and I simply have different ideas of fun. I'm glad there's such a variety of gamers in our community. We can all learn from each other.

    Even so, as you saw, I couldn't stick with No End in Sight. Using those rules was about as much fun as an actual battle, where a lot of shooting happens until one side gives up and runs away. Not exactly the kind of movie-style action I prefer.

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    Most of my issues after playing the game were the slap dash approach to getting the rules out. My opponent feels Ivan's approach stands for many of his games.

    I like action as well but like to have rules cover what could happen rather than having to come up with something when it is not dealt with, or as we found out it was addressed but the rule or thought was never completed. I would rather the rules address situations rather than rely on the scenario creator to think of every eventuality. To me it is the rules writer's responsibility.

    I agree with you though there is issues with the game system. We had quite a few pins and a couple stabilized casualties. They caused morale checks which sent the affected troops running. As it was for a while I was not un-pinning troops as my points were best spent returning fire while the pinned troops would recover, have insufficient points to get back into action (they could not do anything after becoming un-pinned anyways). That and the pinned troops just came along for free if your unit had to retreat. It never stated if a stabilized casualty could return to the fight (or perhaps it was covered but further along in the rules than we were using). Another issue was the forced back troops just had to open up distance with the force(s) who did that to them. Potentially they could close with another enemy unit who was not in LOS. IMHO since they started close to the table edge I felt they should have retreated off the table and been lost. My opponent disagreed and had my "retreating" troops loop around terrain and keep close to the battle.

    I prefer less Predator (I never saw Rambo but feel Hot Shots part deux probably covers it well) and more Longest Day or Saving Private Ryan. The level of what constitutes when a force will pull back as opposed to last man stands is what I look for in rules. NEiS has that all right but, as you said and I thought was unfair until yesterday, it is very hard to kill someone with a gun (or just get them off the table or to hunker down for the duration).

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