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    World at War: The Cold War goes Hot!

    The year is 1985, and the The Cold War went Hot!

    The Soviet Union was caught between a rock and a hard place: Economic instability growing critical from decades of over spending to maintain military might, and a populace increasingly unhappy with living under the boot of the government. To the people, everything from jobs to vodka just seemed to be drying up all around them, and they themselves were drowning in near squaller. Drowning in debt; drowning in lack of opportunities; drowning in lack of resources and overpopulation. It felt hopeless for day-to-day living.

    The government too, was drowning, in having been caged for decades within its borders, using up valuable (and dwindling) resources, and a world that no longer tolerated expansionism. Soviet pride was bloodied and beaten.

    But little did the world know, especially the Western Powers, at how restless the Bear was, and the precarious line upon which it was poised to lash out to rebuild the strength of the Motherland.

    * * *

    Kapitan Pyotr Molotov was restless, but not for the same reasons as his government. He was restless over the actions to come over the next days, and however long thereafter: Invasion of West Germany. Surprise attack! Awakening possibly, a sleeping giant. That didn’t go so well for the last, over ambitious regime that attempted a death blow to the United States a little over four decades in the past.

    But Russia was different, wasn’t it?

    That would be the biggest question in the World, to answer to shortly.

    The 47 Guards Tank Division was poised at their home base of Hillersleben, East Germany, 257km (about 3 hours) away from Eisenbach, in West Germany. Kapitan Molotov’s Tank Company was the leading element of the 3rd Shock Army headquartered in Magdeburg. The forces had been primed, and the troops were sharpened to the point; the 47th Guards, the tip of the spear.

    The General Staff of he Russian Armed Forces were confident in power of this spearhead thrust, headlong into NATO forces in West Germany. Tensions have been running high between NATO counties and the Warsaw Pact, but Western nations had no serious expectations that the threat was more than saber rattling.

    They were wrong.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    What to Expect

    The above is the guiding premise of a planned series of campaign scenarios, starting with Scenario 1 found here. Our main character for the Soviet Union is Amored Company Commander, Kapitan Pytor Molotov, who leads the tip of the Soviet spearhead, in the invasion of West Germany, represented in the game as the HQ unit.

    The first western forces of NATO that face the Red Tide is America’s, Team Yankee, lead by Captain Sean Brannon. Stationed in Eisenbach, his forces are outnumbered, but he may have the edge in superior weaponry. Can he stem the tide, holding out in scenario 1, for the cavalry to storm over the hills? Follow along and find out!

    This thread will follow the events about to unfold.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Operation Molotov Cocktail (SCEN1)

    Bannon’s Log: 033020.85. “My message to USAREUR was short: ‘Condition Red - Full Alert’. The calmness of this late March morning was shattered with explosions of smoke, from artillery to the east. The sky between our base in the city of Eisenbach and Klappebruck filled with smoke, obscuring our view of what we instinctively knew as fact... the Soviets were on the move, and they are pissed!

    It was Monday morning and routine was lulling us into another uneventful day, which suddenly turned frantic. No warnings. No intel traffic now or in the previous weeks, months, were bidding ominous warnings of something afoot. We were caught with our pants down, in a small, minor outpost in West Germany.”

    And so unfolded a bleak morning, and the absolute upheaval of Captain Brannon’s Team Yankee command. The offensive by the Soviets was underway, and they were streaming across the border of West Germany and right down Team Yankee’s throat!

    Scrambling to quarters, one of Bannon’s lead Abrams platoons fire at some of the moving Soviet T-72 tanks, with the aid of the Americans’ Advanced Imaging tech. Four American Abrams MBT’s erupt with devastating firepower at close range, wiping out an entire Soviet T-72 platoon! Though under attack, the Americans draw first blood, which is the best possible outcome for such a situation as Bannon’s men found themselves in.

    Next up was another Team Yankee platoon, firing at longer range at another Soviet armored platoon, disrupting their movement and halting their progress temporarily. It was a good start to an unwanted battle, and the Americans poised for the floodgates to open. As more Soviet tanks roll across the West German soil, Team Yankee fires again, for a death blow to the T-72 platoon literally halted in it’s tracks, and takes out half that platoons’ tanks, erupting in flames from the powerful Abrams’ armor piercing shells; the remaining T-72 platoon tanks still pinned, but now surrounded by carnage. Further American fire has no effect. Meanwhile, Captain Brannon ordered is Anti Tank Guided Missile ITV platoon, which had been in field maneuvers overnight, into a better position; and took the opportunity to move an Infantry platoon to better position to defend the town.

    The Soviets meanwhile, countered with shells firing out towards the besieged Americans as well. Not having the advantages of advanced imaging, it was a smaller turkey shoot, but they nevertheless struck at Team Yankee’s heart by taking out a couple tanks in Captain Bannon’s very own platoon! Bannon’s tank was unscathed, but tensions skyrocketed.

    As the Soviets continued their attack maneuvers, the Americans kept up fire. Tow Soviet T-72 platoons trying to move into the hill, high ground west of Klappebruck are fired upon by Anti Tank Guided Missile support weapons, pinning one of the platoons in place and setting half the tanks afire, while thee other moves to the hill’s high ground. Thee Soviet plutons crossing the river into Klappebruck are now effectively slowed and separated on opposite sides of the river.

    The battle is on!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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