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    My WaW TOS Purchasing Mission: Filling In the Missing Links

    The interesting thing to come from the last couple months is, I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the original series (which I’ve affectionately dubbed, TOS). So much so, I’ve been on a hunting spree for the World at War series expansions and “stuff” that I didn’t get previously, snagged up before TOS went the way of the DoDo Bird, and stopped production. This was mentioned in this other thread, but I wanted to elaborate here.

    Yeah, I’m sure I’ll play the new re-tooled version of WaW85, but I am firmly hooked on TOS. Now saying that, the original World at War system isn’t perfect, and perhaps glaringly so in some ways: The rules changed from expansion to expansion, and still sucked (though The “Untold Stories” definitely pulled most everything together); the counters suffered from quality in some expansions; the maps ALWAYS sucked BIG TIME; and the company cheated out in certain production areas (like printing variances), and it got too story-oriented as the series moved along...moving from Western Europe to a half nuked United States!

    This last point on a story thread wasn’t necessarily a bad concept, but it limited the armies given in the expansions as the series went along. Again, not necessarily a bad thing but, you really got pigeonholed with unit types (specificity battalions and companies), and some pretty obscure stuff!

    But mostly, the rules were a tragedy! Most people intimately involved with the production of the series (and I won’t name names, but you know who you are!) admit they barley made complete sense.

    But don’t let that dissuade you, young Wargamer!!! It’s a revolutionary, and AWESOME game!
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    In The Beginning...

    I started out with this system many years ago, with Eisenbach Gap Deluxe

    ...which for those that read my excellent
    World at War Order/Dependancies (The Original Series), will realize, it being a retooled update/upgrade of the original ”Eisenbach Gap” and “Death of the First Panzer” games. This about half way through the series, which makes it a little baffling to the uninitiated, and it is, for a humongous reason: Half the series of games that preceded it suffered from serious rules gaffs and terrible editing. So, you’d think THIS was the game that fixed all of that. It wasn’t! Mark Walker simply wanted to update the core gam and first expansion, but stayed just with the game core and expansion game specifically, and wrapped in none of the others.

    But regardless, it’s an awesome game, and basically a two-fer with the core and first expansion game, complete with both maps and all counters. A steal! Now, if you were to look att the original two, they are pretty much the exact same maps and counters. The rules are indeed updated.

    This set the hook for me... great play and an elegant system.

    I can’t remember the details but, I was one of the Limited Edition Supporters and got my name on the box!

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    And Then Came Three

    I can’t remember the order, as it was many years ago, but after seeing the Deluxe version of the series, I started to pick up very shortly thereafter, other expansions.

    I am pretty sure Blood & Bridges was the next next expansion purchased, and I seem to remember it was from a FLGS. Wargames were much more reasonably priced in those days — I think this must have been in the early 2000’s. I actually never opened this, or any of the other expansions until recently!

    Operation Garbo came next...

    America Conquered, the next, however I am pretty sure it was on the secondary market, over the years just after the series went defunct. I got these for pretty close to the original rental prices.

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    Fast Forward to the Spree! The Untold Stories

    Since those last purchases many years ago, the prices sky-rocketed! Out Of Print games always command top dollar prices. Even though some misinformed knuckleheads proclaim fire sale prices, now that Lock ‘N Load Publishing is selling it’s new World at War ‘85... well, that’s just not true, at least yet (if ever).

    The Untold Stories
    for instance, is the Golden Unicorn!

    It commands in the neighborhood of $250-300 USD, when you can find it. It is out there, a very few copies are often on eBay, and occasionally on Geek Market. You can also find it occasionally on facebook’s game market groups. However, these top dollar prices are a result of that over-priced warehouse known as Noble Knight Games... no that’s not a’s a fact, as they price many sought after games at top dollar, if not outrageous prices.

    I was extremely fortunate to get my copy from eBay, in mint condition. I had to pay up for it, but it was reasonable, at $99.99! Yeah, that’s ew game prices, but it is THE most sought after expansion of the series and no one wants to give theirs up!

    And yes, it is the Honey Hole. It not only did the best (not perfect, but very good) reconstruction of the rules, and the game is so much more playable with these. But it also ties in other expansions, with their armies, as well as the Compendium scenarios. It is a must own.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Another Lucky Buy — A Trifecta!

    Right alongside the above-mentioned unicorn expansion, I was extremely fortunate to fie Chris Carpenter on facebook, where I’d posted an interest in filling in my series of expansions and printed material. He sold me a bundle deal for $75, which included...

    Paris is Burning

    The Compendium

    Gamer’s Guide

    The going price for PiB alone is $150!

    The cool thing is, the seller included the “
    Counterattack” zippie expansion (ziplock bag) for free!


    After finding I was 55 counters short (Half of the Compendium and the rest PiB, and a map from the Compendium), he was amazingly kind in sending me the Original “Eisenbach Gap” game (which is where he suspects the missing counters are) for free! This transaction was done though a facebook group on modern war inquiry.

    Eisenbach Gap
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    A Miss and A Hit! ...swing, battabattabatta!!!

    Into the Breach

    Seeing that I needed this expansion as a requirement to other material in the series, this was my next target. I actually found one, as before with my other purchases, on BoardGameGeek, but it was a misfire. I reached out to the seller, asking if it was still for sale, as the ad for the game sale was a few years old. He said it was, but by the time I logged on after the few days for the response, he sold it to someone else! He honestly thought it was me...go figure.

    Once again however, eBay came to the rescue! I found a very nice copy, very old condition, and made a counter offer. He came back in the middle and I snagged it for $35.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Dark Days Campaign

    This was a bit of a mystery item! The seller of Into the Breach (see last post) included a copy of this campaign in my order.

    Looking online, the only reference to it that I could find was in the LNLP forums and Cosimworld, which vaguely detailed that this booklet was apparently part of the Pre-order, and was based on the support level. As you can see, you had to spend a LOT of money to get a copy of it included, so not sure how many of these are in existence. Keeping in mind that the support level for just the game was $35 (an interestingly enough, the price I ended up paying for it used!), this campaign booklet was had at the
    Ultimate Purchaser level:

    $250, postage paid. This gets you one copy of Into the Breach, and one copy of The Untold Stories, the TWO bonus scenarios, and your name listed ON THE BOX as a supporter, packaged in one of 100, limited edition boxed copies of the game, numbered, and initialed by Mark. Also includes a complete, eight-scenario bonus campaign in its own, full color scenario booklet, and 16 extra die-cut counters. This campaign will only be made available through this order.

    I don’t know how the seller got a copy of this, as the box didn’t have his name on the box, nor any of the other goodies listed, but regardless of that, it was still a hell of a deal for me to get for free!!!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    Just got my hands on Battles within Battles, which was a PDF download purchased back in the day of the old series. I was lucky enough to score a copy off of a friend on BoardGameGeek! Just got it tonight.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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