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    The attack goes in.
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    Hmmmm. It looked different in my mind!
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    The last attack broke on the German trench, what's left in the American infantry will try and work its way back to their lines. For today anyway the woods belong to the Germans.
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    NICE thread, and I like the supplemental stuff (miniature and medal) to showcase. The game itself is lovely! I’d seen it for sale on the manufacturer’s website and was impressed, but seeing it setup is fantastic! The map, especially....OMG!
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S. Patton.

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    The battle for Seicheprey begins. 2 turns to drive the Americans out.
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    Next up a fictional scenario by Mark H Walker. Operation 3 Breaking Through.
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    American Doughboys fall short by one town. Although if the had won the initiative roll it probably would have ended differently.

    Also the tanks helped take the first town on the right but by the time the attack went in on the right hand town the Americans were down to one and he was taken out by mortar fire on his approach.
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