Eventually, you may find yourself in a situation where you decide to print a rulebook.

It may be that you have a game without one, and you find a copy online or from a friend. It may be for a Print ĎN Play game you bought. It may be that you want another copy(s) for an opponent to have for a game you provide for play. There are all kinds of reasons to print a rulebook, and one of the nice things available to us today are personal printer! Or maybe a friend scanned a copy for you, and now you like that physical hard-copy in your dice-slinginí mitts.

There are many reasons why we find the need to print a rulebook ourselves, and the most-oft way of binding it has been with a simple stapler... three staples at top, middle, and bottom holds them together nicely. But, the side with the staples kinda fray out, not to mention thee staples scratching the dining room table!

Iím printing rulebook all the time! And a perfect way to up your game with protection, presentation, and just plain better use is with Report Covers.

The other nice thing about printing a copy of the rules is, itís a little more amenable to write notes and highlight sentences within. I try to keep my original rules ass pristine as possible, in case I sell the game later (yeah, like that ever happens!), but honestly, I just get a little anal about those things.

Anyway, I picked up a package of B&G Company Report Covers from my local Staples Office Supply store this week, for about $10 USD. There are 10 report covers inside the package so, that;s a buck a cover. Pretty good, if you ask me, and no one ever does.

They come with black binder-clip bars for each clear plastic cover. You can get packages at five times the quantity for a tad more money, but you get what you pay for! These come with rounded clip bars (versus the cheaper flat style), and the bars are a bit wider so, you get super coverage by completely covering the staples in your rulebook, while still preserving the white space of the opposing pages when you open your rulebook. Plus, being wider, they can accommodate a pretty thick rulebook, when needed!

So as an example...before finally scoring a copy of the Lock ĎN Load Publishing, World at War expansion game, The Untold Stories, I wanted a copy of the rules and was able to get a copy fo the rulebook, scanned and emailed from a friend. This is the preeminent version of the game with what is hailed the best construction of the rules, so naturally I would want it for my main rules reference. I printed them off and stapled them, as mentioned. As you can see, the edges have seen some where and curling, over the span of a couple months...

Taking my rulebook, I simply inserted the rulebook inside the cover, ensuring it seated neatly as far in the V as possible...and then slid the black clip-bar down the length of the clear plastic cover, and voila!

What I like about this brand is, thee clear plastic covering is a bit thicker than the cheaper versions, and also has a nice easy round to the outside length of the top cover, to make it super easy to open the book.

So well worth the price, and your rulebook will go much farther in longevity. Yah, I coul simply keep printing them as they muck up, but Iím a frugal New Englander! Plus, they look a damned sight sexier!

Carry on.