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    Hagen's 2020 Game Log

    Thought I would put Lettow Vorbeck on the table.
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    Ooooooh, thank you for starting this thread, and with such an amazing game! I love the graphics on it, and it looks challenging! I’m always glad to see what you’re gaming!!!
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    Lettow Vorbeck is one of the small folio games put out by Decision Games, 40 counters, 18 cards (9 per side) small map and a couple pages of rules. Pretty simple and plays fast.

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    Almost all.the tanks start out as 3 step units. Later in the game the British get one or 2 tanks at depleted strength, tanks that been patched up but not quite up to shape.
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    After an 8 day hiatus the British offensive begins.
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    I need more WW1 area impulse games, I love em!
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    Is Lettow Vorbeck solitaire? I have a tonne of DG stuff. A lot of it falls flat though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    Is Lettow Vorbeck solitaire? I have a tonne of DG stuff. A lot of it falls flat though.
    No not solitaire but depends on card draw to let you know what your troops can do. Some good some not so good! �� So each turn no matter the side depends on which card is flipped over and the dice thrown.

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    In other words Duncan I think it works well as a solitaire game.

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    Setting up for No Man's Land. This one does solitaire well as one side or the other is always on the defensive, trying to hold his trench. For this scenario the Germans will be attacking the French trenches during a German gas attack.

    This is a fun scenario because you roll for wind direction which can cause the using side to turn around and start running. Or it shifts just a bit and the gas will not effect certain parts of the enemies trench leaving the attacker standing in the clear.

    Depending on scenario there are observation balloons, fighter aircraft, recon aircraft, trench mortars, flamethrowers, British Mk IV tanks.

    I should mention the scenarios start in 1914 and bring into play different weapons encountered through the last days of 1918.
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