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    Hagen's game log

    Thought I would put Lettow Vorbeck on the table.
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    Ooooooh, thank you for starting this thread, and with such an amazing game! I love the graphics on it, and it looks challenging! I’m always glad to see what you’re gaming!!!
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    Lettow Vorbeck is one of the small folio games put out by Decision Games, 40 counters, 18 cards (9 per side) small map and a couple pages of rules. Pretty simple and plays fast.

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    Almost all.the tanks start out as 3 step units. Later in the game the British get one or 2 tanks at depleted strength, tanks that been patched up but not quite up to shape.
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    After an 8 day hiatus the British offensive begins.
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    I need more WW1 area impulse games, I love em!
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    Is Lettow Vorbeck solitaire? I have a tonne of DG stuff. A lot of it falls flat though.

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