Well, I just did something I haven’t done in years! I just bought this Moebius, 1/4105 Scale Battlestar Pegasus Plastic Model Kit online tonight!

I have’s worked on/built a model in at least a couple years now — let’s put it this way: I don’t remember the last time I sat at my workbench building any model! Work was the main culprit, with tons of stress accompanying that and having me lethargic for model building, gaming, and sometimes breathing. Other life factors too, adding more stress. I’ve made it past a few significant hurdles and life is evening out a smidge (just a smidge). I am slowly taking my life back to a pace where I want to enjoy my hobbies. Yeah, you may ask why I didn’t use these hobbies to help relax me? Simply, life beat the ever living Hell out of me for the past few years. But I survived! ...like the Colonial Fleet- a bit rag-tag and laser blasted but I still have weapons in the tubes and Vipers ready for launch!!!

Next step — reclaim the workbench from storage clutter and a Winter mouse incursion.

She’s a sweet ride! ...and a monster-sized ship, at I believe 16” in length! It’s in scale with the Battlestar Galactica model I bought a few few years back, waiting to be built.

I might actually take a stab at thee Pegasus first, and save the Galactica for after, as I really want to nail the Galactica perfectly. The goal is to add them to my office filing cabinet for display! I’m super excited and jazzed to get building again!!!

I loved the old 1970’s series, and the new series from a few years ago even more! Having these on display is something that brings me much joy.... I currently have my Viper model up there.

I’ll make a build thread when I start each!!!