So, since getting back into gaming I have been rather distracted by skirmish gaming, both WWII and modern. But, my primary love has been and still is 6mm (or whatever you want to call it) gaming covering the period from between the wars through modern to the far future. So all the while, while doing all sorts of miniature and board gaming, I have been always thinking on and sampling (buying, reading and playing) rules which could be used and/or modified for use in 6mm gaming. I have come to some conclusions and wonder if anyone else out there gives a damn. As in, their own interest in micro armour gaming means they might like what I have concluded with an eye towards using it themselves. I am also keeping skirmish in mind, either using the same rules suitably modified, or more likely with a different set more suited to individually mounted figures. I have a small collection of 15mm figures, some buildings and vehicles for pursuing that avenue.