I watched the History Channel’s, 3-part miniseries, “Grant” recently and found t extremely well done. Wonderfully filmed, with a very good cast, it was a feast for the senses! Much, I knew, having studied him — he’s one of my favorite Generals of any era, and a favorite President. I always thought his stance on black peoples’ rights, especially coming out of the Civil War and the horrors of slavery, was so far ahead of the times, and unrivaled even today!

One of the things I did not know was, as his Presidency was nearing and end, as well as his life rom throat cancer, all the work he had done on black peoples’s rights were totally abandoned by a switch from his Republican administration, to the Democratic Party, who I did all his work and programs. I find it ironic, that the Party of today, that pontificates as being the champion of the war against racism, were apparently a catalyst in stagnating change to the point that we never recovered back to what Grant was trying to build for ex-slaves becoming citizens free from the struggles you see right up to today.