With the loss of so many of our Summer conventions to the plague (Origins, WBC, Historicon, Adepticon, BBG, and more) Armchair Dragoonís has decided to just hold their own online convention! The seminars at this online con is worth the badge registration alone, and registration is JUST $2 (+$1.12 convenience fee)...you canít beat that price!

I signed up! Iíll attend more, for the seminars...some dynamite wargame design seminars. Iím not sure Iíll sign up for any of the games, as I am not comfortable with playing live on the platforms, but honestly...for a couple bucks, the seminars alone are way worth the price!

For info and signup:

REGISTER - https://bit.ly/2Ai7eLY

EVENTS - https://bit.ly/3gqmFkT

DETAILS - https://bit.ly/3ghg8Jc

To use one of the platforms: