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    The Blue & the Gray

    I watched The Blue & the Gray yesterday, while cleaning my Man Cave

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    The was an amazing mini-series, that aired three November-nights in a row back in 1982, and was quite impactful for me for three reasons: I bought the Bruce Cotton Book the previously, and found it one of the best books in Civil War I’d ever read; the musical score was writer by one of my favorite composers, Bruce Broughton; but most impactful was the lead character being an artist/illustrator — that being important because,I’d graduated from art school, just the year prior t9 the mini-series release and it really hit home in many levels lot me.

    What a stellar cast, too... including an all-time favorites, Gregory Peck, Stacy Keech, Robert Vaughn, Paul Winfield, and Julia Duffy.
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    I was confusing this with North and South to start with, wondering why is sounded so different to what I remembered. As you say, some really great talent in this.
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