A New World At War 85 Game, We Shall Hold Vol. 3 Box Cover.

...from LNLP:

WE SHALL HOLD is the third volume in the World At War 85 series of games depicting fast and furious platoon-level combat. The game series is set in 1985, in an alternate history of World War III, when the Warsaw Pact armies storm across the border of East Germany in a powerful attempt to seize West Germany and the whole of Free Europe.

Covering even more battles on the North German Plain as well as parts of southern West Germany, WE SHALL HOLD includes playing pieces for NATO nationalities forward-deployed toward the border between East and West Germany, or in the second line in southern Germany. NATO units are included representing the Belgian, Dutch, Canadian, and West German armies. Opposing them are units of two of the nations of the Warsaw PACT: the East Germans and the Soviet juggernaut, both deploying vast numbers of tanks and infantry in an attempt to overwhelm NATO’s lines.

Fight hypothetical battles using the stalwart Leopard-C1s and Lynx' of the 4th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. Deploy and maneuver Leopard-1s, Scimitars, and Milan-2 armed Jeeps of the Belgian Army. Fiercely defend against hordes of Warsaw PACT armor on the North German Plain using the deadly Leopard-2s of the Dutch Army. Assault the line with long-ranged East Germans T-72 tanks, supported by BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, armed with deadly Spandrel anti-tank guided missiles. Mass your Soviet attacking forces for a breakthrough using T-80 main battle tanks, more BMP-2s, Engineers for assault, and self-propelled 120mm mortars.

We provide the scenarios, but YOU are IN COMMAND.

The World At War 85 system features a unique combat system that involves die rolls by both attacking units and defending units, which keeps both players engaged throughout the game. Die rolls are compared and hits are applied quickly, as all the information you need to fight your units is on the counters. No combat results table is necessary. Initiative, random formation activation and turn length; direct, indirect, opportunity and anti-aircraft fire; fire and movement, assault, and close air support; all are integrated smoothly into a fast, easy to play system.