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    End of turn 12 of 15 will probably be the last in this game. The Germans while starting strong just don't have the strength left and are losing ground and victory points. Not to mention the dead pile is about 2 to 1 in favor of the Entente powers of France, England, US and even a small Italian contingent.I enjoyed this game very much. I played all 3 small scenario's and now the campaign game.
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    Quick game of Khe Sahn 68 (solitaire) this evening
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    Vimy Ridge 1917 by Pacific Rim Publishing. One of their Just Plain Wargames series. Rules are a bit confusing but I think I got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hagen View Post
    Rules are a bit confusing but I think I got it.
    Boy was I wrong when I said that! But now after my third reset I think I have it. The Germans still take an incredible pounding but at least they are now making a show of it. The games designer even said on BGG to expect the Germans to suffer 33% casualties on the opening bombardment!

    It really is a wicked game for the Germans being 1 step units and the Canadians 4 step. As the Germans it's a battle of defense in depth trying to wear the Canadians down to manageable odds. One cool mechanic is, when you're in the bombardment zone each unit has to roll for movement allowance for that turn, anywhere from 2 to 4 hexes. You also roll for sleet, which the offensive kicked off in. At the beginning of each turn you have your weather (sleet) roll, if 6 the storm has ended if not the sleet conditions persist. Whatever the number 1 through 5 that's rolled is your visibility in hexes. There's also tunnels and tunnel movement and you are immune from any type of fire in them but are limited to the number of company's that can be and that can move through them at any one time. All in all an interesting game!

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    Loving all these games played, and the maps/counters are just awesome! Great write-ups too!

    funny you mentioned the sleet check… I just played an ASL Starter Kit 1 scenario Saturday where there’s a snow check at the start of every turn, which counts as hindrance to LOS. I like that it’s something that can happen, and not necessarily happens… that really keeps you on your toes! In this case of the game I played, it would have been deadly to my fast moving Germans, if instead of a light snow, it would have been sleet or heavy snow and mud… that would have changed the scenario played entirely!
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    How is hKe Sahn and Vimy? I have them both unopenned. I haven't heard good things about Vimy.

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    Finally getting a game of Der Weltkreig on the table this from the Western Front 1914-1918 game and the Scenario is June 1916 (Somme).
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    A bit stacky whacky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    A bit stacky whacky.
    Nice to hear from you Duncan. Yes indeed. I'm usually not into that but this is one of those games I just have to try. You can stack up to 6 divisions along with 3 artillery plus a HQ and engineer units and on the frontline they are all perched on trench markers. Good thing the hexes are larger then the counters leaving plenty of room to get my tweezers in there to move stacks. With being trench warfare I have a feeling the stacks will reduce fairly quickly. Happy gaming!

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