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    Black Day of the German Army

    Well the Germans didn't take the pounding I was expecting them to only losing one division although a fair number reduced and Entente counter battery fire reduced the German artillery from 5 points to 2.

    Entente forces are already pushing hard but they have lost a fair number of tanks just moving up. They are the counters with the orange silhouettes.

    I like this type of map layout with just about all the info to fight the battle right there in front of you with a nice size font. Not shown is reinforcement card off to the left.
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    British and French tanks begin to break down completely, red counter with wrench. French units push the German units back 4-5 kilometers (game scale) from their trenches. British artillery has pinned 2 German units down before the British attack this turn.
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    0500 hrs 9 August (the second day) An early morning attack by the Entente punches holes in the German lines. Some French and English troops head for the east map edge for victory points.
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